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January 29–God is at work

February 6th fundraising event in Lees Summit Mo. Pray for me as I host and MC.

Nashville Event went great. Over $30,000 raised for 3 charities and MOH was one. Thanks to Michael W Smith, Nicole C Mullins, Plumb, Tommy Sims and others.

Some of the artists are committed to go to the Mission and do a concert for the people of Haiti. Exciting stuff.

Brad Johnson was on CNNBC with Brian Willimas…..see link

1–Pray for the wounded and injured who need ongoing care

2–We are starting to send medical teams to the mission

3–Pray for the board of MOH as they meet and discuss priorities

God is at work..dont stop praying and check out the updates at

Give God all the glory

Larry Lance…on a mission of HOPE for Haiti

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January 18—6 Days That Seem Like A Year

Praying Friends

The past 36 hours have been non stop as I spoke at 4 church services, participated in a city-wide benefit for Mission of Hope sponsored by STAR 88.3 and spent hours on the phone with MOH staff in Haiti and Missouri.

People keep asking if we need clothes and food items. The answer is …not now! We certainly will in the weeks ahead but for now donations to disaster relief fund is what is most needed. This allows leadership to have discretion on buying food, medical supplies and fuel to keep generators and vehicles running. We have seen the body of Christ rise to the challenge. The concert last night had over 300 people and raised over $14,000 and 4 other churches in the Fort raised another $9,000 Sunday. To God be the glory.

Keep praying for Brad Johnson to have discernment, to stay strong physically, and have favor with old and new partners who want to help. Pray for Vanessa and the kids back home in the states that they also will remain strong.

Lastly pray for me as I make decisions on how to prioritize my time. Right now I am trying to coördinate fund-raising efforts here in the states.

You are needed. Keep praying, keep connecting your friends to MOH

Proverbs 3:27  Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to act

Larry Lance,  Mission of Hope Haiti

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Saturday Jan 16 Praise and Prayer Report

There isnt enough room here to describe my conversation with Brad from Haiti. There are things we are grateful for but we also are getting reports of lost staff and friends. Please keep praying.

Some Praises:  1-Our buildings were spared even though the large flour mill factory 1 mile away has been flattened.  2-We had just filled our fuel tanks so we have fuel for 2 weeks. 3–We have enough food in our warehouse to feed our folks and partners for 7-10 days. We delivered 100,000 meals today. 4–Rick Warren from Saddleback Church has sent 3 representatives to meet with us and help us. 5–We have a business partner sending 20,000 gallons of gas from Miami on a shrimp boat.

There are many more and God did answer many prayers. That is why we never stop

Some Prayer Requests: 1–Aftershocks again today and orphans are afraid to go inside buildings. 2–We need to purchase 2 more trucks to transport food and medical supplies.3–Fuel  to show up, it runs generators and vehicles. 4–That we will have favor buying food in the DR from our friends at the carribean market. 5–The mission is being set up as a hospital/triage center with UN and US Gov.  6–The staff, their children and homes. Our head of security showed up today and in tears told Brad he lost all 4 of his children and watched them die

Again for updates—–Thank you for supporting us


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January 15 Mission of Hope Haiti

We are posting regular updates on our site at  Please send people there who are asking how they can help. Brad Johnson is posting reports fom PAP

Prayer Focus

1–Funds for medical supplies. We are working with the United Nations to set up a hospital and triage center on our mission.

2–A concert and video being done with some Chistian artists that could benefit MOH

3–Discerning who we partner with. We have been contacted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church

Thanks for getting the word out

Larry Lance

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Thursday January 14…MOH Update

Let me again start by thanking you for your prayers. As you have seen on the news this is a terrible disaster and the needs are great. Here are a couple updates.

1–The Mission has experienced several cracked walls and with continual aftershocks we have decided to move people out of our buildings into tents on the mission ground until proper inspection can take place

2–Brad Johnson, President of MOH and HaitiOne is on the ground and collaborating with several US agencies. The UN has asked us to use our mission property as a medical sight. They will set up triage locations and tents and a temporary hospital there. We have also been asked by the US government to help organize a food distribution program.

3–It looks likely that we will be having a benefit concert this Sunday the 17th sponsored by STAR 88.3 with proceeds going to MOH disaster relief. Details will be coming tomorrow on location and times. Stay tuned to 88.3 for details

4–Please continue to visit the web site for updates

5–Pray for me as I discern how soon I need to make the trip to Haiti. Right now my role is to help coördinate the North America efforts with the MOH team in Brads absence

Thanks for the calls and emails and encouragement. Keep praying I will have strength.

Larry Lance

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Disaster Relief

Thank you for your continued prayers and assistance for Mission of Hope and Haiti. I will keep this site updated daily so you can have the latest information on how you can help and what our specific needs are.

Right now we need funds to get basic supplies of food, water and medical supplies. We will also need  fuel for equipment and transportation.You can contribute by going to the web site and click on the disaster relief link.

There is a pay pal option for those wanting to help.Once we get an update from President Brad Johnson who is now on the ground in Haiti we will let you know about other needs  and possible work trips.

Larry L. Lance

Mission of Hope, Haiti
Contact. 260.705.9163